Commercial law, company transformations, economic competition

Members of the Bělina & Partners Law Firm provide legal services in corporate matters such as when establishing a company, administering corporate affairs, lowering and increasing the registered capital, convening general meetings, concluding shareholder agreements and fulfilling registration and notification obligations. The Bělina & Partners Law Firm’s attorneys have years of experience in providing legal services in the area of transformations of business firms, transfers of ownership interest, sales of businesses in whole or in part and in the area of privatisation. As part of commercial law the Bělina & Partners Law Firm also provides legal services in the area of contracts and litigation. Members of the Bělina & Partners Law Firm have long been involved in the issues of the dominant position of competitors, forbidden cartel agreements and mergers of competitors and they represent clients in administrative proceedings held by the Office for the Protection of Competition. 

These legal services are provided mainly by:

Miroslav Bělina, Martin Bělina, Tomáš Bělina, Jakub Matějček